How to Go Live On TikTok Without 1000 Followers (2023)

Are you behind a thousand followers? You still want to live, but how can you? You’ve come to the perfect location to find the solution. On TikTok, live streams not only help you gain followers but also reward you with gift points.

The popular app Tiktok. There are billions of users of this app today. TikTok is a platform with a strong video component where users may upload videos for their viewers and share their experiences with the world. Users can start live broadcasting by using the “go live” option.

In contrast to Facebook or Instagram, TikTok’s community guidelines make it plain that you cannot go live before reaching 1000 followers. Anyhow, each social media network has its own rules. We are at a loss for words here.

How to go live on TikTok in 2023 without having 1000 followers was covered in this post. These actions are quite basic. Follow along as you find more information.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Open TikTok on your mobile phone.

Step 2:  Click on your Profile Icon.

Step 3: Now we need to go to settings to further our steps. For that, tap on the three dots and tap on “Settings and Privacy”.

Step 4: When you reach the “Support” section, scroll down. You can choose to “report a problem” there. Select that by tapping.

Step 5: Go to Live/Transaction now. If you can’t find this choice, look for “LIVE,” “Payment,” or “Reward,” and tap on any of those instead. “LIVE” has priority, though.

Step 6: After clicking “Hosting LIVE,” click “I can’t start a live.”

Step 7: When the page loads, it will ask “Is your problem resolved?” Touch “No.”

Step 8: ‘I need more help’ is an option that you can select. Toggle this option on. You must now fill out the feedback area. Demand that they turn on the live streaming feature for your account. Inform them of your fans’ requests for live videos, your motivation for doing so, and any other arguments you have to persuade them to watch. 

Step 9:Finally, you must provide your email address so that TikTok can contact you. There is no need to mention anything if they do not ask for your email address.

Step 10: Your efforts have come to an end. Click the send button to send your request

How many days do you have to wait?

Usually, the entire process takes 3 to 5 days to activate the live streaming button in your account. The game relies on how convincing your words were.

 The TikTok team decides the fate of your request. For some people, it takes more  time than usual. And for some, it appears within a few hours.


TikTok’s guidelines state unequivocally that you can utilise its ‘go live’ feature if you are over the age of 16 and match their follower threshold. Even if you meet the follower criterion, you may not see a live option in your account in some situations. In this instance, the only option is to contact TikTok directly for assistance.

The method described here is legal and does not violate TikTok’s community guidelines. We hope that these procedures may assist you in resolving your issue.