How to Recover YouTube Account Without Email or Password (2023)

Many hours are spent watching videos on YouTube by the billions of users that use it. Whether you’re a writer, an influencer, or a marketing firm, YouTube is useful because you can watch many videos there for free in addition to uploading your own.

There are also a variety of videos to choose from, which contributes to YouTube’s popularity. Currently, 6 billion people watch videos on the site every hour.

However, consistently watching videos on YouTube can occasionally lead to a number of problems, such as time-consuming, addicting, and unsuitable content.

Due to a variety of factors, including the need for a break, the need to be productive, the lack of free time, and others, many users choose to deactivate their accounts.

However, occasionally people run into problems while attempting to regain their accounts and are unable to use them. In these situations, you can try to recover your account by using the straightforward methods below in accordance with your circumstances.

Step 1: You’ve forgotten your password

  • Visit to start. There is a sign-in option in the top right corner.
  • Choose the sign-in option and enter your phone number or email address.
  • Next, click “Next.”On the following screen, click “forgot password.”
  • You’ll be given the option of using your most recent password, obtaining a verification code via email, or dialling a phone number.
  • Select the approach with which you are most comfortable. ‘Try another route’ is an additional option located at the bottom left.

Step 2: You’ve forgotten your username

  • Go to
  • Select sign-in in the top right corner.
  • Select ‘Forgot Email’.
  • You will be prompted to enter a phone number or email for recovery. Enter one of these two, then click “Next.”
  • The email address linked to your YouTube account will be shown. You are now prepared to log in.

Step 3: You’ve forgotten both username and password

  • To regain access to your login, simply follow the instructions for the prior situation (case 2).
  • You only need to click the “reset my password” button once you have your username. A reset password email will be sent to you.

Step 4: Having cookies turned off

  • Despite having your login and password back, you are unable to log in. then there may be a cookie-related problem. It’s possible that cookies aren’t enabled in your browser’s preferences.
  • Click the icon with three vertical dots in Chrome’s top-right corner.
  • Choose Settings > Under Security and Privacy > click Site settings.
  • Scroll down and click Cookies and site data.
  • From here, you can choose Allow all cookies, block all cookies and select other options.

Step 5: You permanently deleted your account

  • You can get in touch with YouTube to remedy your problem and retrieve your account in the event that you accidentally permanently destroyed your Google account.
  • Go to the support page of youtube.
  • “Restore it within a short period of time” should be selected.
  • It will take you to a new page if you pick the text.
  • Click “Learn How to recover your account” after scrolling down.
  • Tap on “follow these steps to recover your account”.
  • In order to verify your identity when login into your Google account, you will be given a number of questions.
  • It may take some time or can be recovered immediately.
  • There is no accurate estimate of how long it will take to restore the account after it has been completely deleted. However, you’ll achieve higher results if you move more quickly.

Even if you lost your YouTube login information, having your account removed or terminated can be terrible. With the aid of these remedies, you can regain access to your account if you have lost it. Hope it was a big help to you.