The Access Controller from Sony removes barriers to gaming for everyone.

Thanks to PlayStation.Blog, Sony’s Project Leonardo Access controller has finally been unveiled. With a variety of customization choices and functions, this controller is especially made for gamers with disabilities and ensures that everyone enjoys an equitable gaming experience.

The Access controller has readily adjustable stick caps and swappable buttons for accommodating various needs. Sony is aware of the individuality of each player, and this controller ensures that people with different ranges of motion and physical capabilities can easily enjoy their gaming experiences.

According to Sony, the button caps are offered in a variety of variations, including pillow, flat, and other sizes, while the analogue stick caps are offered in conventional, dome, and ball shapes. Players have the versatility they need thanks to the controller’s ability to be positioned at various angles, laid flat, placed on a tripod, or attached using a custom mount.

Sony has built an Access Controller UI right into the PS5, in addition to the vast array of hardware customization possibilities. Players can totally customise their game experience by having complete control over button mapping and profiles thanks to this user interface.

Players can select their preferred controller orientation in this area, assign multiple inputs to individual buttons, toggle buttons on and off, and even combine two inputs to one button. For various games or genres, such as driving or fighting, these movable control profiles can be saved and kept, enabling players to quickly swap between setups according to their preferences.

Access controller UI image showing analog stick sensitivity and deadzone adjustment options within a user-created control profile

The Access controller’s ability to pair with other devices is one of its strongest features. Players can use a DualSense controller as a virtual controller in addition to up to two Access controllers. This creates new opportunities for device and cooperative play pairings.

This feature supports inclusion and lets users combine different gadgets to suit their individual needs or play with friends and family. Players can also customize their starting location and input sensitivity, which makes it simpler to get more control over their gaming.

The toggling mode built into the Access controller is a fantastic addition. Players can simulate the actions of a keyboard’s caps lock key in this mode. Players can stop holding down a certain button by turning on toggle mode for that button. This is especially helpful for games that require you to sprint continuously, like racing games.

The buzz around this controller was undoubtedly well-deserved, and Sony has unmistakably demonstrated that it is committed to providing all gamers with equitable access to gaming options. To make sure that gaming is available to as many individuals as possible, they have taken important efforts.

The Access controller is just one example of their ongoing efforts to expand accessibility on the PS5. The company’s dedication is further highlighted in a video that showcases the work being done by the product development and PlayStation Studios teams to create a more inclusive gaming experience.